1. Kiss the Rain by Yiruma
2. Let Her Go by Passenger
3. River Flows in You by Yiruma
4. A Thousand Years by Christina Perri

Rainy days
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Couple kissing during Neck Deep’s set 
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I’m a qt

date me
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turned anon off because if that anon wants to talk shit they need to just fucking message me off anon. 

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拍花日 by deersummer on Flickr.
bloodhoundx: When I was younger, my dad was my idol. He was everything to me and then one day he decided to home school me. he was my best friend, so I said yes. He was so nice and sweet. Then he changed. He became abusive, close to what Emily experienced. Then he left. I had a girlfriend of 16 months. She was this sweet and amazing girl who, I know I was in love with at the time. She became this sex craved cheater. They both changed into something else. People do change. You do not know Emily, so back off.

Aw I’m sorry and you don’t have to jump in the anon is pathetic I don’t really care

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Anonymous: Lol I just can't believe how arrogant you always are Emily. You're pathetic

Okay ✌️ whatever

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only you
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